Free Paytm Cash Tricks 2024: Earn 500 Paytm Every Day

Almost all Indians play video games for entertainment, which only wastes their time. It is a pleasure to learn that you are searching for Free Paytm Cash Tricks on the internet. Playing games just for fun is not what you are looking for.

We have brought you 12 such games through which you can earn Paytm Cash to solve your problem. Whenever you have some free time, you can play these games to entertain yourself and earn extra income.

Free Paytm Cash Trick 2024

Is it really possible to earn Paytm Cash? What is the maximum amount you can earn? All Paytm cash earning apps we mention in this post are genuine and verified. All of these apps are being used by lakhs of users, and many of them are earning money as well. In all these apps, Paytm Cash can be earned in a variety of ways, and withdrawals are also different. We will discuss this in more detail in the future.

With the help of these apps, you can earn between Rs 500 and Rs 9000 per day. The amount of income you receive from each app cannot differ, i.e. a fixed amount. There are some apps that provide 100 rupees and some apps that provide 500 rupees. As a result, it is extremely important to have information about all the apps if you intend to earn Paytm Cash. In this way, we will be able to obtain a list of all the applications.

1. The OneCode application

With OneCode, you can earn huge cash online without investing anything.

As one of the top Paytm earning apps of 2024, this application is available for free on the Play Store.

You can earn money from Paytm using the OneCode application, which has good reviews on Google Play Store.

Characteristics of the App

  • OneCode is associated with a number of famous brands, including 1mg, testbook, bewakoof, etc.
  • When someone buys from your code, you will receive Rs 200- 1500 Paytm Money instantly.

2- Winzo App

It contains more than 100 real money earning games and other earning features through which you can easily earn real money through Winzo app.

There are over ten languages supported by Winzo App, so you can use it according to your language preference. People from many states of India can understand it and earn money by playing it because it has many languages available.

Winzo App Free Paytm Cash Game allows you to earn money by playing hundreds of money earning games and by referring friends, participating in tournaments, and winning daily prizes.

By using this Daily Cash Earning, you can easily receive your earnings each day in your Paytm account, UPI account, bank account or Amazon Pay account. You can earn money by playing games or in any other way.

3- Taskbuck App

Paytm earning apps like Taskbuck are also very popular. Although this is still a little new in the market, you can make quite a bit of money. The Taskbuck App is a very trusted application that has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

It has also received very positive reviews from many people. Millions of people are currently downloading this application and earning Paytm cash from the comfort of their homes.

It is quite easy to earn Paytm cash using the Taskbuck App. Upon downloading the application and creating an account, you will receive Paytm cash immediately.

Here you will find a wide variety of applications which you can download and keep earning money. You will earn more money as you download more apps.

4. Rozdhan App

With Rozdhan App, you can earn money by completing tasks. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store. In this case, you will receive Rs 25 if you log in first, i.e. create an account.

As in the previous case, you will get money in return for referring people, you can earn up to Rs 12 for each person you refer. It also includes other tasks such as watching videos, reading articles, and playing games.

Referred people earn money, and you get a percentage of their earnings.

5- Sikka App

It’s also possible to earn money using Sikka, another Paytm cash earning app, by completing tasks, like RozDhan.

In addition, the Sikka App also offers a Paytm cash earning game, through which you can earn money for free, and you can withdraw that money directly into your bank account through Paytm.

The Sikka App also gives you the opportunity to earn money by playing Spin & Win games and reading news, so if you simply download the App on your mobile phone, you will be able to earn Rs. 330 to Rs. 440 a day.

6- Loco App

Loco is an application that allows you to live stream any game and earn money by doing so. The Loco App has been specifically designed for the Indian gaming community.

There are many great features that make Loco App the best gaming application on the market. With this feature, you will be able to chat live with your viewers. The Loco App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The Loco application has a rating of 3.1 on the Google Play Store, and more than 1 crore people have downloaded it.

7 – Paytm First Game App

The Paytm First Game application is a gaming application offered by Paytm. The application allows you to win Paytm Cash by playing games such as Fantasy Game, Ludo Game, Rummy Game, and Pool.

Play your favorite games and earn money by downloading Paytm First Game from the link provided above.

As soon as you sign up for Paytm First Game, you receive a Rs 50 bonus. Playing Paytm First Game is not the only way to earn money; you can refer your friends as well.

8- Hyper Ball Prick App

When you play games on Hyper Ball Prick App, you get good Paytm Cash.

In this classic brick game, you have to shoot the ball and break the bricks. You will earn more Paytm Cash if you break more bricks.

9- Money Bhai Application

You can win money anywhere and anytime with Money Bhai. Paytm Cash can be earned on the go through Money Bhai.

You can withdraw your coins to your Paytm wallet using this service. Many people have already begun earning from this app due to its ease of use.

10- Futwork App

You may be interested in an easy job that will earn you money. You should consider futurework as your next step.

Futwork allows you to easily sign up and apply for short-term projects from a variety of companies.

In addition to receiving money in your Paytm wallet, you also gain skills and experience with different companies. This will prove to be extremely beneficial for your future career success.

It does not require any special skills or knowledge on your part. This app will be of great use to you if you enjoy working.

11- Earn Easy

Among the best Paytm cash-earning apps, this is one of the best. It is possible to earn up to Rs 1000-2000 a day from this app. Upon downloading the app, you will receive a cashback of Rs 50 immediately.

For every referral of a friend or family member, you will receive a bonus of Rs 10. Get discounts and cashback on movie tickets, recharges, food orders, etc.

12- Fiewin App –

The Fiewin app/website is a game and perfection app/website, and it is private daily. It offers 4-10 cash for first-time users and daily check-ins on the website. You will also receive 7 levels of referral earnings for life.

You can only use your bonus amount for playing games, and you can also earn from referring friends. Redeem instantly in your bank account or Paytm account.

Fiewin app: How to earn money daily from Paytm?

  • Download the Fiewin App
  • Verify your account with your phone number and OTP
  • The Bonus can be used to play milestones or other games using the bonus.
  • Redeem the winning amount in your Paytm bank account.
  • Minimum redemption amount is 31 Rupees.
  • Hungama offers lifetime access to up to seven levels

13- Viton App

This app monitors your phone data and gives you 10 free Paytms every week. Here you can earn Paytm Cash without doing any work. It is a great opportunity for users who want to earn without downloading any apps or competing with offers.

I recommend not using this app on your secondary device if you are concerned about data loss. On which phone one does not save any important information.

14- Qeeda App

This is the Ludo dice app, which is the best app for signing up for Paytm cash. For unlimited referrals, you will receive a Rs 10 bonus that is 100% usable.

This amount can be used for simple dice games. The winning amount can be redeemed in your Paytm account.


In conclusion, earning ₹500 in Paytm cash every day is not as challenging as it may seem. With the right tricks and strategies, you can boost your Paytm wallet effortlessly in 2024. Remember to stay updated on the latest offers, participate in surveys, and make the most of referral programs. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying that extra cash in your Paytm account every day! Happy earning!


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