Hamraaz Web App Download 2023: Get Latest Version

The Hamraaz Web App is an app developed by the Indian Army for its personnel and family members. It provides information about the salary, allowances, and other benefits for the military personnel. The app also allows for easy access to the payslips, personal login and sign up, and other related activities.

In addition to defending the country from threats inside and outside its borders, the army is also responsible for the protection of civilians. The Indian Army maintains peace and border security in the country. It is the Ministry of Defense and the Central Government of India that control the management and payment of salaries for the various ranks in the military. 

Members of the armed forces receive their monthly pay and allowances by crediting their accounts. By using this app, you are also able to do things such as Hamraaz Payslip Personal Login and Hamraaz Sign Up.

Hamraaz Web App Download 2023

India has allocated ₹5,25,166 crore ($70.6 billion) for its defence budget in 2022-23. The Department of Defence became the Ministry of Defence under a cabinet minister in August 1947.

Since Hamraaz is an app specifically designed for Indian soldiers and army officers, it can only be downloaded by these individuals. Therefore, it is not available to the general public in terms of security.

With the help of this app, soldiers of the Indian Army are able to download their pay slips, Form 16s, and other benefits associated with their service. In this article, we have provided a detailed explanation of how to download the latest version of the Hamraj Indian Army App v7.2. Consequently, this article contains all the relevant information about the app.

What is the Humraaz Web App?

It has been developed in-house by the Indian Army itself, and the Hamraaz App was launched in August 2017 by the Indian Army. This app allows Indian Army soldiers to have access to information about army programs as well as salaries and allowances.

In addition to providing Indian soldiers with information about their postings and promotions, the Hamraaz app also allows soldiers to view and download their monthly pay slips, Form 16.

Considering that Hamraaz is a mobile application made specifically for Indian soldiers, the installation of the application must be verified using Aadhaar card information. This app has just been released for Android phones, so let’s look at how to download Hamraaz on your phone. 

For instance, after downloading the app, users must enter their AADHAAR/ PAN card number, name and other details to authenticate their identity before they can access the app. However, this process of verifying installation using Aadhaar card information may be inconvenient for some users. Additionally, it is possible that the app may not be accessible to all soldiers, depending on the type of phone they have.

Aim of Hamraaz web App

Soldiers of the Indian Army have been provided with a platform called Hamraazmp8. This platform aims to provide information to army soldiers concerning recruitment, advancement, and even pay. You can only download the app from Hamraazmp8.gov.in’s main website, not from any web store.

It is necessary to register with Hamraaz Web or App to get login credentials. Through Hamraaz App and Website you can download Indian Army Pay Slips, or login to Hamraaz Payslips.

Humraaz mp8 Download Instructions

Humraaz web App Version 7.2 download instructions: This app isn’t intended for common Indian citizens, which is why they can’t access it. You can only download it if you are an Indian Army soldier. To download it, soldiers have to go to the official Indian Army website, hamraazmp8.gov.in, where you can get the Humraaz App. Here’s the detailed info:

1- First of all visit the link- Click Here

2- Enter the Captcha and click on Download button like the image below

hamraaz web app download 2023

Make sure that you are using Android 7.0 or more

3- Now wait for a few seconds to get the Hamraaz web app downloaded on your smartphone.

4- Once the file has been downloaded click on the file to install it.

5- Allow the 3rd party file installation in phones setting.

6- Once the app is installed on your Android smartphone open it and proceed to complete the registration process.

The registration process serves to ensure that the user is a verified member of the Indian Army. This way, the user can access the app’s various features and services. For example, the ability to view their salary, pension details, and other information related to the Indian Army. Recently we have wrote an article on Telegram X Download.

This Is How You Can Use the Hamraaj App.

Now the most important part of the article has come that how you can use the Hamraaz web app on your smartphone.

Kindly follow the below steps to use it on your phone: –

  • Open the Hamraaz App icon on your mobile phone to use it.
  • In order to use this app, you must be an Indian Army soldier.
  • A PAN card linked with a mobile number associated with an Aadhaar card is mandatory for use of the app for Indian Army jawans.
  • Jawans will need to create their account numbers by entering their relevant details.
  • By creating an account, you will be able to access all of its services.

The Indian military has a strength of over 1.4 million active personnel, making it the world’s second-largest military force.

Login to the Hamraaz App

Kindly follow the below steps to login into Hamraaz Web app 

  • Open the Hamraj Mobile Application on your phone
  • Click on “Hamraaz Personal Login”
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on the “login” button
  • The login process for the Hamraj app will be completed
  • You can now access the dashboard of the app with all the details related to your job.

For instance, once you have entered your username and password, the login link will take you to the home page of the Hamraj app.

What to Do if You Have Forgotten Your Hamraaz App Password?

Most of the time, we forget our password. If you have forgotten the password for the Hamraaz web app, you do not need to worry. By following a few steps, you will be able to easily reset your password. In this regard, there are several points to consider

  • Open the Hamraaz official website first- Click Here
  • If you do not know your password, please select the “Forgot Password” option on the website’s home page {Like the image below}
  • hamraaz app password reset
  • Enter your PAN number and Captcha and click on Submit button.
  • If the entered credentials are correct then you will receive a password reset link on your phone or email id
  • Click on the link and create your new password.

What Is the Process for Downloading the Latest Version of the Hamraaz Army App?

The Hamraaz Army App is available in many versions, including 2.79, 3.6, 4.5, 6.0, 6.5, 6.51, and 6.52, but you must download only the latest version from the government’s website. 

Humraaz is only compatible with Android phones. Please visit Hamraazmp8.Gov.In to download Hamraj App 6.52.

For personal information safety purposes it is recommended to download the latest version of the Hamraaz app from the official website. Of the app only.

Where Can I Find the Pay Slip in the Humraaz App?

In order to receive your pay slip through the Humraaz Online App, you will need to provide an 8-digit password. Make sure you remember the first four letters or numbers of your PAN card number. The code for a PAN card number is BFPD, and if the first four characters of that number are the same, then the number is valid. Additionally, please provide the last four digits of your registration date. Assume that the deadline for enrollment is 24th June. Therefore, the number should be written as 2406.

Open a Payslip in Hamraaz

Using the Hamraaz web app, Indian Army soldiers can now view and download their monthly salaries and pay slips in just a few clicks from anywhere.

The password is required to open the downloaded PDF file. You can see your pay slip only after entering the 8-digit password. Therefore, it is possible to find out the PaySlip Password in this manner.

By entering the first four digits of your PAN card number in the password of the PDF file and then entering your enrollment date in the next four digits, you will be able to open your Payslip via the Hamraaz web App.


The Hamraaz web app is for Indian Army personnel and their family members. It gives information about salary, allowances and other benefits. The app also lets you easily access payslips, log in and sign up. You can only download it if you are an Indian Army soldier by visiting the official Indian Army website, hamraazmp8.gov.in. You need to enter your Aadhaar card information to use the app. It is not available to the general public.


Q1- What is the Hamraaz web app?

Ans- The Hamraaz app is an app developed by the Indian Army for its personnel and family members.

Q2- What information can I find on the Hamraaz app?

Ans- You can find information about salary, allowances, and other benefits for military personnel on the Hamraaz app.

Q3- Who can download the Hamraaz app?

Ans- Only Indian Army soldiers can download the Hamraaz app.

Q4- How do I download the Hamraaz app?

Ans- You can download the Hamraaz app by visiting the official Indian Army website, hamraazmp8.gov.in.

Q5- Is the Hamraaz app available to the general public?

Ans- No, the Hamraaz app is not available to the general public for security reasons.

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