How to Increase Jio Internet Speed 2023: {3 Easy steps}

If you use a smartphone with 4G. It is likely that you are using a Jio SIM card to access the internet, and you are facing slow internet problem and you want to know How to Increase Jio Internet Speed 2023 then this article is going to help you.

Because Jio offers very cheap Internet services. There are also many offers available from time to time. Unfortunately, sometimes there are a lot of difficulties associated with Jio due to its poor internet speed.

This is well known to all of us. Jio’s net speed was very good when the network was launched and we could access the internet without any buffering. Recently, Jio’s net speed has diminished significantly. This is the reason why Jio is no longer able to provide fast internet service.

Before proceeding further with this article we would like to ask you to kindly check your mobiles internet speed so that you can understand if your mobiles internet is really working slow.

How to Increase Jio Internet Speed 2023

There can be a number of reasons why this is the case. There may be several reasons for this, such as an increase in Jio users in your area, a lack of Jio towers, a lack of Jio coverage, etc.

In these situations, the setting of your smartphone and the slowness of the smartphone are responsible for the decrease in your Jio Net Speed. Using the methods we have mentioned, you can increase Jio’s internet speed if the service is very slow.

Steps to follow to Increase Jio Speed

The first thing you should know is this. Jio net speed slows down because of our smartphones. Because this mistake is often made by many people, which decreases Jio’s net speed.

Get rid of unnecessary apps

Your smartphone may have such an app. The ones you don’t use take up space on your smartphone as well. The combination of these factors slows down your smartphone. Because of this, Jio’s internet speed slows down. Therefore, such apps should be deleted.

Stop running multiple apps

If you use a lot of apps through your smartphone, then you probably know that many of them start when your device is turned on, and they also use your internet connection. As a result, Jio’s net speed decreases. It is for this reason that such applications should be stopped.

If there are multiple apps which are running in background of your mobile, then they consume continuous internet also they make your mobile work slow. Hence it is recommended to keep a check on your installed app periodically and delete unnecessary apps from your smartphone.

Multiple Apps use

It is often observed that smartphone users keep a number of applications open simultaneously throughout the day. This results in a slowdown of the smartphone. Moreover, each of these apps requires internet access, reducing the speed of Jio’s network. That is why you should keep only the necessary apps open at a time and close the rest.

Clear Cached Data

It occurs when you use a smartphone and access the internet. This results in the creation of a cache file, which slows down your Jio Internet speed. That is why you must clear your smartphone’s cached data.

Mobile Sim Setting

In order to run fast internet on a Jio sim, it is essential to have the correct mobile sim setting, after which Jio net speed will increase. You can increase your phone’s internet speed by changing its settings.

You can grab any other mobile with Jio SIM and go to the internet settings and match their settings with your mobile setting to understand the SIM internet settings.

Conclusion- I hope by following this guide you were able to Increase your Jio Internet Speed. If so make sure to share this article with your friends and family members.

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